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Every Sunday during the season, except for Holidays and Special Events.


Little Debbies | Ages 3-6

Winter/Spring Session Jan 7- June 2nd

Class limit: 20

Dancers will learn the foundations of Ballet, Tap and Hip Hop. These classes are designed to nurture our tiniest dancers to help them grow.

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The Aileys | Ages 11-15

Winter/Spring Session Jan 7- June 2nd

Class limit: 20

Technique and artistry is refined in this level. The curriculum moves quickly and these classes are meant for the focused and dedicated dancers.


The Misty's | Ages 7-10

Winter/Spring Session Jan 7- June 2nd

Class limit: 20

A continual study of fundamentals, extended to emotional expression and precision, as well as developing fluid artistic control.


Modern/African  | Ages 8-14

Winter/Spring Session Jan 7- June 2nd

Class limit: 20

Modern/African dance class is a perfect way to explore the beauty and energy of African dance styles fused with contemporary movements.

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Here's what our dance moms say:

Ms B. Is a wonderful and talented dancer and instructor. My daughters enjoy her classes tremendously. HIGHLY recommend.

Michelle H.

My daughter has thrived in the professional rigor and high expectations of the most talented Park District leader and best value program in Chicagoland! If Ms B owned her own company she’d be a millionaire. High quality with the heart of a lion! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Kris C

Ms. B is an amazing dance instructor! she works so well with all students and makes it fun for the little ones. The shows are a full production!!!

Natalie M.

Both of my daughters have danced with Ms. B since they were 3. They’ve learned so much dance technique, what it means to be performance ready, and also about fitness and nutrition. They love dancing with Ms. B!

Helen M.

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